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Power Consultants & Agencies, was established in 2006. The scope of activities of the company includes engineering consultancy services in the fields of dams and hydroelectric, power plants, as well as power transmission and distribution networks. Power Consultants & Agencies is based on mutual services of project management and design engineering departments. Regarding the experienced manpower and vast technical facilities, Power Consultants & Agencies is at the present time a leading consulting engineering company in the state of Gujarat, India.

Today it is imperative that project developers possess vision and knowledge that spans the entire scope and life of a potential project. This includes availability of technology, fuel price trends, and long term maintenance and operations issues of the equipment chosen.

Power Consultants & Agencies success as a power industry consultant requires us to intimately know dozens of plants in every stage of development and operation. This level of experience offers a distinct opportunity to foresee potential problems with technologies, equipment, contracts, or vendors. For instance, we have a firm grasp of the Electricity Board contract issues based on observing the work of a variety of Electricity Board contractors throughout construction, startup, and later during plant operation. This puts us in a unique position to write and review RFPs, and negotiate the Electricity Board contract.

Within Power Consultants & Agencies principals and senior power industry consultants are a number of senior executives that have managed numerous portfolios of power generation including Asset Management. We are constantly working within the industry and staying in tune with changing business conditions. We are frequently called upon to provide strategic advice and to manage the development of effective plans and analysis tools in support of our client's need to maximize the benefit of their generation assets.

Main Activities are as follows:

  1. Tower designing up to 400 KV transmission systems
  2. Tower maintenance up to 400KV systems
  3. Tower shifting up to 400KV systems
  4. Designing of switch yard structures from 11KV up to 400KV systems
  5. Shifting of power lines.
  6. Consultation on power evacuation schemes
  7. Construction and supervision of EHV lines and sub stations.
  8. Designing of special types of EHV river crossing towers.
  9. Power transformer repairing consultancy.
  10. Retrofitting of sub station equipments
  11. Third party Factory Inspection for New Vendors.
  12. Advise on soil investigation & pile foundations.


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