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                          INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITES
     Power Consultants & Agencies has established a dedicated infrastructure situaed in the
  Vadodara in Gujarat. This gives us the power and flexibility to:

  • manage our clients requirements
  • quickly expand or contract capacity and
  • upgrades and other maintenance effectively.

We have a well educated and experience professional who has wide experience.

Executive Members

  • Shri S.M.Takalkar (proprietor)BE Electrical engineering ,1971) retired
    Chief Engg. M/s Gujarat energy Transmission Corporation,(GETCO) Vadodara,
    having vast experience of 39 years.
  • Shri J.K.Surti(Technical advisor)(BE Electrical engineering ,1983), having
    experience of 27 years.
  • Shri.R.D.Mistry (Technical advisor)(Diploma in civil engineering, 1965) Retired
    Design Engg. M/s KEC International, Mumbai, having experience of 53 years.
  • Shri.K.N.Rathod (Technical advisor)(BE Electrical engineering ,1971)Retired
    Supdt. Engg. GETCO, Vadodara,having experience of 40 years. 
  • Shri N.V. Rede (Technical advisor) (BE Electrical engineering ,1971)Retired
    Chief Engineer, M/s Gujarat energy Transmission Corporation, (GETCO)
    Vadodara,having experience of  40 years.
  • Shri M.G.Pawar (Technical advisor)(BE Electrical engineering ,1975) Retired
    Exe. Engg.  GETCO, Vadodara,having experience of 37 year. 
  • Shri G.P.Shukla (Visiting advisor) (BE Electrical engineering ,1971)Retired
    Exe. Engg.  GETCO, Vadodara, having experience of more then 40 years.
  • Shri P.M.Shah (Visiting advisor) (BE Electrical engineering ,1965), having
    experience of more then 40 years.
  • Shri A.M.Shukla (Visiting advisor) (BE Electrical engineering ,1976),having
    experience of more then 40 years.
  • Shri K.C.Patel(Visiting advisor)   (BE Electrical engineering ,1976),   having
    experience of more then 35 years.
  • Shri H.M. Shah  (Visiting advisor)  (BE Electrical engineering ,1976), having
    experience of more then 35 years.
  •  Shri Nimit Bhavsar  (Visiting advisor)   (BE civil engineering ,2000), having
    experience of 9 years.
  • Shri Alpesh Mohite  (Sr. manger) (B.E. Electrical engineering 2006), having
    experience of 04 years.
  • Shri Kishor Gaikwad (Sr. manger) (B.E. Electrical engineering 2006), having
    experience of 04 years.


Other Staff Member


  • Krunal Saidane � B.E. Electrical
  • Apoorv Talati � B.E. Electrical
  • Preeti Dave � Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Survesh Saini � Diploma in Electrical Engineer
  • Swati  Pimplekar � B.E. Electrical
  • Chirag Gandhi � B.E. Electrical
  • Chetan Joria � B.E. Electrical
  • Gaurang Patel- B.E. Electronics
  • Heena H. Darji � Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Accountant & office staff

  • Vrushali R.Nashikkar
  • Priti Chitnis.
  • Kalpesh Gade

Owned Premises

Internet facility, Zerox facilities, Scanner, Printers, 8 computers (LAN Connected), One Laptop
Library - Specialized collections are available in basic engineering & technology, Pantry, Own Vehicles (Two cars)

Relay Testing Kit available

The office is also equipped with all the necessary facilities comparable with the corporate consultancy firm.

Consortium Partners

Jatin Mistry



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